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AdvanceBio Amino Acid Analysis (AAA)
Agilent’s AdvanceBio Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) delivers fast, sensitive, and reproducible separations of amino acids in protein hydrolysates and cell culture media.
AdvanceBio AAA includes proven reagents for amino acid derivatization, a ready-to-use amino acid standards kit, columns based on Agilent’s innovative Poroshell technology, and expert support from Agilent. Alongside Agilent InfinityLab LC Series instruments, AdvanceBio AAA provides a complete solution for amino acid analysis.
- Reliable results - high resolution separations delivered by efficient Poroshell particle morphology.
- Reduced costs - long column lifetimes from robust, high-pH resistant, chemically modified silica.
- Increased flexibility - compatibility with both HPLC and UHPLC systems via 2.7 μm diameter particles.
- Quality control - AdvanceBio AAA columns are batch tested with amino acid standards to ensure quality.
- Easy ordering - standards and reagents available as kits.
- Automated online derivatization - with Agilent analytical injection systems.
Bonded Phase Particle Size Pore Size Temp Limit pH range Endcapping Pressure Limit
C18 2.7 µm 100 Å 60˚C 3.0–11.0 Double 600 Bar
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