Bio Columns
AdvanceBio RP-mAb
Agilent AdvanceBio RP-mAb columns are designed to optimize the performance of intact and reduced mAb analysis when analyzing monoclonal antibodies for biopharma discovery, development, and QA/QC applications.
Analysis of intact and reduced monoclonal antibodies are critical measurements for characterizing therapeutic proteins and understanding their efficacy and stability. Poor chromatographic separations can result in rework and even compromise the accuracy of the characterization. Based on Poroshell technology with unique engineering for pore size and bonded phases, AdvanceBio RP-mAb columns deliver higher resolution and faster run times to provide accurate, reproducible results. Available in a range of chemistries – SB-C8, C4, and diphenyl.
- Improved accuracy: Superficially porous particles (3.5 µm) with wide pores (450Å) increase mAb resolution while maintaining compatibility with all LC instruments
- Speed: Shorter analysis times compared to columns packed with fully porous particles of the same size
- Lower costs: The robust Poroshell packed bed and 2 µ inlet frit extend column lifetime by helping prevent inlet blockage
- Flexible method development: Range of chemistries - SB-C8, C4, and diphenyl
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