HPLC - Poroshell 120 Columns
Small Molecule Separations
InfinityLab Poroshell 120
InfinityLab Poroshell 120 columns provide exceptional efficiency and reliability, significantly boosting performance from all instruments, whether you want improved HPLC performance, UHPLC performance at lower pressures or the highest UHPLC performance.

Three particle diameters— 1.9 μm, 2.7 μm and 4 μm —allow you to choose the size that best fits your separation needs, and is most compatible with your LC systems and 12 different chemistries provide a range of selectivities that makes your method development fast and easy.
- High efficiency columns for improved throughput and higher resolution

- Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility giving you confidence in your separation results

- A scalable family of particles - 1.9 μm, 2.7 μm, and 4 μm - get the best from your methods and instruments

- Easy method development with the selectivity from 12 different chemistries

- Long column life with uniquely robust 1.9 μm UHPLC columns and 2 μm frits on 2.7 μm and 4 μm columns

- UHPLC guard columns to further extend the life of your analytical column

- Superior peak shape - especially at pH 6–7 -for faster, more accurate results

- Enhanced usability, traceability and security with a preprogrammed ID tag

- Explore InfinityLab Poroshell 120 solutions applications

- To compare technical information and specifications for different phases, see our phase specifications chart
 Bonded Phase  Pore Size  Temp Limits  pH Range  Endcapped  Carbon Load  Surface Area  USP Designation
 EC-C18  120Å  60 ºC  2.0-8.0  Double  10%  130 m2/g  L1
 EC-C8  120Å  60 ºC  2.0-8.0  Double  5%  130 m2/g  L1
 SB-C18  120Å  90 ºC  1.0-8.0  No  8%  130 m2/g  L1
 SB-C8  120Å  80 ºC  1.0-8.0  No  5.5%  130 m2/g  L7
 HPH-C18  100Å  60 ºC  3.0-11.0  Double  Proprietary  95 m2/g  L1
 HPH-C8  100Å  60 ºC  3.0-11.0  Double  Proprietary  95 m2/g  L7
 Phenyl-Hexyl  120Å  60 ºC  2.0-8.0  Double  9%  130 m2/g  L11
 SB-Aq  120Å  80 ºC  1.0-8.0  No  Proprietary  130 m2/g  L96
 Bonus-RP  120Å  60 ºC  2.0-8.0  Triple  9.5%  130 m2/g  L60
 HILIC  120Å  60 ºC  0.0-8.0  No  N/A  130 m2/g  L3
 EC-CN  120Å  60 ºC  2.0-8.0  Double  3.5%  130 m2/g  L10
 PFP  120Å  60 ºC  2.0-8.0  Yes  5.1%  130 m2/g  L43
Specifications represent typical values only
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