HPLC - Poroshell 120 Columns
KB005935: Agilent Poroshell 120 Column Specifications and Options
Poroshell HPH-C8
The Agilent Poroshell HPH-C8 offers high efficiency and long life for analyses taking place at elevated pH. A unique, organically modified surface prevents the degradation of the silica surface at alkaline conditions, while preserving the selectivity of the C8 bonded phase.
Particle Size (µm) Length (mm) ID Specifications Method Development Notes Working with LC/MS
2.7 µm superficially porous particles, comprised of solid core and porous outer shell. 50
Pore size: 120Å
Surface area: 130 m2/g
pH: 2.0 - 11.0 (buffer dependent, see Notes)
Max temperature: 60 °C
Max pressure: 600 bar
Start with 5% methanol or acetonitrile in water as the initial solvent, and 100% methanol or acetonitrile as the final solvent. We recommend adding 0.1% formic acid in both A and B bottles. For high pH applications, use 10 - 20 mM buffers such as phosphate or borate buffer (pH 8 - 9), organic buffers (pH ~8 - 11), ammonium acetate (pH 8 -10). If using LC/MS, we recommend starting with 5 - 10 mM ammonium formate, ammonium acetate, ammonium hydroxide, 0.1% acetic acid or 0.1% formic acid. We recommend against using ammonium bicarbonate as a first choice.
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