Bio Columns
ZORBAX 300Extend-C18
ZORBAX 300Extend-C18 is a wide-pore HPLC column for high efficiency separations of peptides, polypeptides, and small proteins from pH 2-11.5. Extend-C18 and 300Extend-C18 columns incorporate a unique patented bidentate silane, combined with a double-endcapping process that protects the silica from dissolution at high pH. At high pH, the retention and selectivity of peptides can change dramatically as a result of changes in amino acid charge. Excellent recoveries of hydrophobic polypeptides have been achieved at high pH with the 300Extend C18. In addition, LC/MS sensitivity of peptides can also be improved at high pH using a simple ammonium hydroxide mobile phase. These conditions allow for ions to be detected in both positive and negative ion modes simultaneously with the 300Extend-C18. The ZORBAX 300Extend-C18 is a rugged column and is ideal for LC/MS with ammonium hydroxide mobile phase.
- Rugged, high and low pH separations of peptides, polypeptides, and small proteins from pH 2 - 11.5
- Different selectivity possible at high and low pH
- High efficiency and good recovery of hydrophobic peptides at high pH
- Ideal for LC/MS with ammonium-hydroxide-modified mobile phase
Bonded Phase Pore Size Surface Area Temp Limits* pH Range Endcapped Carbon Load
ZORBAX 300Å Extend-C18 300Å 45 m2/g 60 ºC 2.0-11.5 Double 4%
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