Bio Columns
ZORBAX 300StableBond
Agilent ZORBAX 300Å StableBond columns are an ideal choice for the reproducible separations of proteins and peptides for two reasons. Wide-pore, 300Å columns are necessary for an efficient separation of proteins and peptides, or other large molecules, in order to allow these analytes to completely access the bonded phase. Second, 300StableBond columns are unmatched in their durability at low pH, such as with TFA-containing mobile phases. For LC/MS separations at low pH, 300StableBond columns can also be used with formic acid and acetic acid mobile phase modifiers.
- Four different bonded phases for reversed-phase selectivity optimization of peptides and proteins
- Exceptional stability and long lifetime at low pH with TFA containing mobile phases
- Excellent reproducibility
- Available in capillary and nano column dimensions for proteomics and other LC/MS applications
Bonded Phase Pore Size Surface Area Temp Limits* pH Range* Endcapped Carbon Load USP Designation
ZORBAX 300SB-C18 300Å 45 m2/g 90 ºC 1.0-8.0 No 2.8% L1
ZORBAX 300SB-C8 300Å 45 m2/g 80 ºC 1.0-8.0 No 1.5% L7
ZORBAX 300SB-C3 300Å 45 m2/g 80 ºC 1.0-8.0 No 1.1% L56
ZORBAX 300SB-CN 300Å 45 m2/g 80 ºC 1.0-8.0 No 1.2% L10
ZORBAX 300-Diphenyl 300Å 45 m2/g 80 ºC 1.0-8.0 Yes 1.9% L11
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