Bio Columns
Agilent ZORBAX 300Å StableBond columns are an ideal choice for the reproducible separations of proteins and peptides. These wide-pore, 300Å columns are necessary for an efficient separation of proteins and peptides, or other large molecules, in order to allow these analytes to completely access the bonded phase. These columns are available in four different bonded phases (C18, C8, C3, and Diphenyl) for selectivity and recovery optimization of proteins and polypeptides. To further increase sample recovery and improve efficiency for difficult proteins, 300StableBond columns can be used up to 80 °C. 300SB-C18 and 300SB-C8 columns are an ideal choice for complex protein and protein digest separations. These columns are also available for small molecule separations, capillary (0.3 and 0.5 mm id) and nano (0.075 and 0.10 mm id) dimensions for reversed-phase LC/MS separations of protein digests. Capillary and nano columns can be used for either 1-D or 2-D proteomics separations.
- High pressure (1200 bar) columns for optimum results with the 1290 Infinity LC or other UHPLC instruments
- 1.8 μm particles deliver maximum resolution for the most defined separations
- Available in 12 ZORBAX phases, including Eclipse Plus C18 for superior peak shape, ZORBAX StableBond C18 for low pH stability, Bonus-RP, Eclipse PAH, Eclipse Plus Phenyl-Hexyl and Extend-C18
- Also available in HILIC Plus
- Achieve the same selectivity on 3.5 and 5 μm ZORBAX columns with the same bonded phase for compatibility with any LC
Bonded Phase Pore Size Surface Area pH Range Endcapped
ZORBAX StableBond 300SB-C8 300Å 45 m2/g 1.0-8.0* No
ZORBAX StableBond 300SB-C18 300Å 45 m2/g 1.0-8.0* No
ZORBAX StableBond 300SB-C3 300Å 45 m2/g 1.0-8.0* No
ZORBAX 300-Diphenyl 300Å 45 m2/g 1.0-8.0* Yes
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