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  Agilent Microarray Technology

Agilent is advancing the art of manufacturing microarrays with SurePrint, a powerful combination of probe design algorithms and validation methods, maskless & highly-flexible microarray printing based on industrial-scale inkjet technologies, and unique QC processes.
SureScan Microarray Scanner

The SureScan Microarray Scanner is a key component of Agilent's complete microarray solution. With improved feature resolution, it delivers exceptional flexibility to analyze any microarray configuration.

The small footprint of the SureScan Microarray Scanner allows lab space to be optimized while improving the sensitivity and maintaining the broadest dynamic range (XDR) currently available on the market.
Continuous loading capability maximizes sample processing throughput, allowing new slides to be loaded as they become available
Software data integration allows raw data files to be loaded automatically into Feature Extraction, eliminating manual process
Built-in ozone protection capability minimizes degradation of fluorescent dyes
Microarray Hybridization Chamber & Backing Slides

Designed to support Agilent's SureHyb technology, this advanced, second-generation Microarray Hybridization Chamber is fabricated from stainless steel for precision fit, finish and optimal durability in any laboratory. Moreover, utilization of single-use, silicone gaskets virtually eliminates erroneous results, providing confidence in your results, regardless of environment.
Chamber is compatible with all current Agilent microarray formats
Design enables assembly and disassembly without tools, in seconds
Designed to deliver more robust, more reproducible results enabling better detection of genes
Data quality is enhanced through reduced signal CV% and log ratio variability
Higher sensitivity is achieved through increased feature signal strength with low background noise
Included with the stainless steel chamber (top and base) is a thumb clamp & screw, plastic tweezers, and a hybridization user's guide
Hybridiation chamber gaskets are designed for Agilent microarray slides; one-time use only
  Amplification & Labeling
  Product Name     Description  
  FairPlay III Microarray Labeling Kit     The FairPlay III Microarray Labeling Kit solves your problems associated with preparation of fluorescent cDNA for microarrays and provides a reliable and reproducible way to convert total RNA or poly(A) RNA to fluorescence-labeled cDNA for hybridization to microarrays. The FairPlay III microarray labeling kit includes random primers for cDNA synthesis.  
  Genomic Labeling Kits     Agilent's Genomic Labeling Kits provide reagents to label and purify DNA in preparation for hybridization with an Agilent Oligo aCGH microarray and others.  
  Low Input Quick Amp Labeling Kits     Agilent's Low Input Quick Amp Labeling Kits are designed to reliably amplify and label target RNA for the robust generation of complementary RNA. Now, with reduced RNA input requirements, the kit routinely produces over 1500 ng of cyanine-labeled cRNA (anti-sense) from as little as 10 ng of total RNA. The kit has been validated for optimal performance with Agilent Gene Expression system.  
  Low Input Quick Amp WT Labeling Kits     Agilent's Low Input Quick Amp Labeling WT Kits are designed to reliably amplify and label whole transcripts for the robust generation of cRNA upstream of hybridization to the new SurePrint G3 Exon Microarrays.  
  microRNA Spike-In Kit     Assess labeling and hybridization efficiencies when using Agilent's miRNA profiling assay. Use with miRNA Complete Labeling and Hyb Kit for best performance.  
  miRNA Complete Labeling and Hyb Kit     Agilent's miRNA Complete Labeling and Hybridization Kit contains a novel Cyanine 3-nucleotide designed for consistently reliable results. The Cyanine 3-Cytidine biphosphate (pCp) reagent, in concert with Agilent's miRNA microarray probe design, selectively labels and hybridizes mature miRNAs for optimal microarray performance and enhanced data confidence.  
  Quick Amp Labeling Kits     Agilent's Quick Amp Labeling Kits are designed to reliably amplify and label target RNA for the robust generation of complementary RNA. These kits produce over 1500 ng of cyanine-labeled cRNA (anti-sense) from as little as 200 ng of total RNA. Validated for optimal performance with Agilent oligo microarrays used in gene expression and other downstream analyses, the Quick Amp Labeling Kits deliver the performance you expect from Agilent.  
  Product Name     Description  
  Gene Expression Hybridization Kits     Agilent’s Gene Expression Hybridization Kit offers consistently more reproducible microarray results through robust fluorescently-labeled cRNA hybridization. Proprietary buffers effectively fragment cRNA into optimally sized targets and minimize non-specific binding. Designed to provide researchers with optimal data quality and confidence, the kit is a component of Agilent’s Gene Expression Analysis solution.  
  Human Cot DNA     Agilent genomic Cot-1 Human DNA is used to block repetitive elements to prevent non-specific hybridization. Cot-1 Human DNA is optimized for CGH and CGH+SNP microarray workflows.  
  Oligo aCGH & ChIP-on-Chip Hybridization Kits     Agilent’s Oligo aCGH/ChIP-on-Chip Hybridization Kit is designed to consistently deliver the hybridization performance your research demands. Optimized kinetics coupled with enhanced signal intensity and maximum noise reduction assures reliable data every time. Validated and optimized for use in Agilent's aCGH and ChIP-on-Chip workflows.  
  Oligo aCGH Prehybridization Buffer     The Agilent Oligo aCGH Prehybridization Buffer is used to wet and condition arrays for hybridization on a Tecan HS 400 Pro or HS 4800 Pro with compatible hybridization chambers. It provides for a better distribution of the sample over the active area and helps prevent the occurrence of gradients in the signals.  
  RNA Spike-In Kits     Agilent’s RNA Spike-In Kit allows researchers to efficiently monitor microarray workflow for linearity, sensitivity and accuracy. Each spike mix contains ten in vitro synthesized, polyadenylated transcripts in predetermined ratios. When they are hybridized onto Agilent microarray control probes, the data needed to track performance and assure confidence is readily accessible.  
  Microarray Wash Solutions
  Product Name     Description  
  Gene Expression Wash Buffer Kits     Agilent's Gene Expression Wash Buffers are optimized and validated for consistently reliable, high volume, post-hybridization processing. Uniquely designed to eliminate environmental contaminants commonly found with in-house buffer solutions, the Gene Expression Wash Buffer delivers the high sensitivity and clearly reliable performance your research demands.  
  Microarray Wash Buffer Additive     Agilent's Microarray Wash Buffer Additive is used to prepare Conditioning Solution and Wash Buffer 2 for running aCGH microarrays on a Tecan HS 400 Pro or HS 4800 Pro instrument with compatible hybridization chambers. This validated automated solution for hybridization and washing of aCGH microarrays effectively increases uniformity when drying under high-pressure nitrogen.  
  Oligo aCGH/ChIP-on-Chip Wash Buffer Kit     Agilent's Oligo aCGH/ChIP-on-Chip Wash Buffer Kit is optimized and validated for consistently reliable aCGH and ChIP-on-Chip microarray processing.  
  Stabilization & Drying Solution     Agilent's proprietary Stabilization and Drying Solution is designed to substantially improve the performance of cyanine dye-labeled microarray slides. By preventing both wet and dry modes of ozone-induced cyanine 3 and 5 degradation, the solution optimizes microarray processing and performance. The kit is a component of Agilent's Gene Expression Analysis solution.  
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