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  Agilent SureSelect & HaloPlex NGS Target Enrichment

SureSelect All Exon Kits

SureSelect All Exon kits are the most proven target enrichment solutions. SureSelect Human All Exon V4, targeting coding human exons only, and V4+UTRs, targeting coding exons plus UTRs, are designed to maximize sequencing efficiency by providing the greatest uniformity.

See How SureSelect Human All Exon V4 and V4+UTRs Delivers The BEST Performance for the Lowest Overall Cost

All Exon kits are also available for mouse. Additional model organism All Exon kits available upon request.
  The Latest Research Using SureSelect Human All Exon V4
Updated content to capture more SNPs, mutations, and Indels
The highest uniformity to maximize use of your NGS system
Efficient workflows for post-capture (XT) and pre-capture pooling (XT2 - pool up to 8 exomes per enrichment).
  SureSelect Methyl-Seq Kits

Introducing Agilent's SureSelect Human Methyl-Seq system, delivering superior results for methylation research over the current methods.
Uniquely delivers more information than methylation microarrays by detecting individual CpGs
Increases throughput, reduces costs compared to Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing
Contains most complete Methyl-Seq contents including: CPG Islands, Cancer, tissue-specific DMRs, GENCODe promoters, CpG Islands, shores and shelves ±4kb, DNAseI hypersensitive sites and RefGenes
Reveals methylated regions undetected by RRBS and Me-Dip
  Panels XT and XT2

SureSelect Panels

The SureSelect human panel kits focus on targeted genes to provide detailed information for the selected regions. Agilent offers 2 human panels the SureSelect Human Kinome kit and SureSelect X-Chromosome kit. The SureSelect human Kinome Kit targets over 500 kinases and 612 genes in total. The kit provides a comprehensive set of kinases and kinase related genes for target enrichment. The SureSelect X-Chromosome kit targets all of the genes on the X chromosome.
SureSelect Kinome kits are available for targeting either DNA (genomic regions) or RNA (transcripts)
Efficient workflows for post-capture (XT) and pre-capture pooling (XT2 - pool up to 16 exomes per enrichment)
  Custom DNA XT and XT2

SureSelect Custom DNA/RNA

Agilent's market leading SureSelect platform provides a complete portfolio of catalog and custom products. Providing the flexibility you need, from Discovery to Follow-up studies. Agilent's custom solutions provide a means for targeting customer defined regions developed using our free web portal eArray. Custom solutions are available for both DNA or RNA target enrichment.
Target enrichment of DNA and RNA
Flexibility to capture from <200kb to 24Mb and beyond
Easy design process using free eArray portal or Agilent's Design Service
Efficient workflows for post-capture (XT) and pre-capture pooling (XT2 - pool up to 8 exomes per enrichment).
Custom RNA

SureSelect RNA Capture Kits

RNA sequencing using next-generation sequencing technology is a powerful tool for transcriptome analysis. Agilent's SureSelect RNA Custom Capture Kits enable the focused target enrichment of specific transcripts providing precise measurements of expression levels for the targeted regions. SureSelect's RNA Custom Capture Kits, as well as the RNA Human Kinome Kits, efficiently capture the targeted regions and provide increased depth distribution and sequence coverage – enabling the discovery of novel gene fusions and splice variants.

Researchers are using SureSelect RNA capture products to study splice variants, Indels and gene-fusions. Precisely measure expression levels of specific genes of interest and rare or low abundance transcripts
Confidently detect allele-specific expression, differential splicing events and gene fusions
Analyze the effects of kinom genomic variation on transcriptional using SureSelect RNA and DNA Kinome kits

SureSelectXT Automated Library Prep & Capture Kits

SureSelectXT Automated Library Prep and Capture Kits streamline the sample prep of the targeted next-generation sequencing workflow by greatly improving throughput and reducing hands-on time. Using any of Agilent's SureSelectXT Kits with Agilent's NGS Sample Preparation Workstation, the SureSelect Automated Library Prep and Capture Kits maximize productivity, reduce experimental variability and allow for the highest quality data. Prepare SureSelect target enrichment libraries using a highly tunable automated solution
Easily increase throughput to 192 samples per work week
Run up to 8 different SureSelect libraries on a 96-well plate
Produce consistent and reproducible results

HaloPlex™ Target Enrichment System enables fast, simple and efficient analysis of genomic regions of interest in a large number of samples. Custom designs, for panels containing thousand of exons, are easily created with our Design Wizard. By combining single-tube target amplification and removing the need for library preparation, the total sample preparation time and cost is reduced without the need for dedicated instrumentation or automation. The availability of 96 indexes and compatibility with different desktop sequencing and high-throughput platforms provide you the flexibility you need to run your experiments. Finally, the assay has premium performance, with high specificity, uniformity and variant detection
See the Workflow

- Simple steps with no Library prep:

1. Digest sample DNA

A DNA sample is fragmented using restriction enzymes, and denatured.

2. Hybridize probes

The probe library is added and hybridized to the targeted fragments. Each probe is an oligonucleotide designed to hybridize to both ends of a targeted DNA restriction fragment, thereby guiding the targeted fragments to form circular DNA molecules. The probe also contains a method-specific sequencing motif that is incorporated during circularization. In addition, a sample barcode sequence is incorporated in this step.

3. Purify and ligate targets

The HaloPlex probes are biotinylated and the targeted fragments can therefore be retrieved with magnetic streptavidin beads. The circular molecules are then closed by ligation, a very precise reaction that ensures that only perfectly hybridized fragments are circularized.

4. Amplify targeted fragments with PCR

Only circular DNA targets are amplified, providing an enriched and barcoded amplification product hat is ready for sequencing
  Create Your Panel

With three steps from sample to sequencer - Easily create your own panels in less than 5 minutes with HaloPlex Design Wizard
  HaloPlex Design Wizard
Our custom reagent kit product allows you to design your own HaloPlex Probe library to enrich exons for a set of genes that you specify. The probe library is prepared and shipped together with restriction enzymes and amplification reagents. Multiplex amplification using a simple protocol is then achieved in your lab in less than 24 hours. The web-based Halo Design Wizard will guide you step by step through the procedure of designing a probe library for your genes of interest. The design procedure is carried out in these steps:
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