GC Columns - Chiral GC Columns

Agilent J&W HP-Chiral ß has a chiral stationary phase based on permethylated beta-cyclodextrin, which has very broad applications for resolving volatile optical isomers. Beta-cyclodextrin is dispersed in a phenyl-based polymer. This polymer provides low bleed and will not interfere with nitrogen-specific detectors such as the nitrogen phosphorus (NPD) detector, allowing optimized sensitivity for chiral compounds containing nitrogen.
- ß-cyclodextrin in (35%-Phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane

- Chiral separations without chiral specific derivatization

- Phenyl-based polymer provides low bleed and does not interfere with nitrogen-specific detectors

- Available in two concentrations of ß-cyclodextrin: 10% and 20%

- 20% ß-cyclodextrin best choice for initial screening

- Each Agilent J&W GC column is tested with the tightest industry QC specifications for column bleed, sensitivity, and efficiency to provide you utmost confidence in qualitative and quantitative results

- For details about the QC test conditions including the test probe mixture and the resulting chromatogram, please refer to the Agilent J&W GC Column Performance Summary shipped with each GC column
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