HPLC - HI-Plex Columns  
Small Molecule Separations
Agilent's Hi-Plex HPLC column provides reliable carbohydrate analysis with simple instrument requirements. Unlike Ion Chromatography columns, Hi-Plex columns use pure water or dilute acid on a standard HPLC, and do not require ion regeneration or suppressors. The media consists of robust a sulfonated polystyrene gel impregnated with various metal cations with different selectivities, as described in USP L17, L19, L34, and L58.
- Agilent's recommended column for accurate analysis of carbohydrates
- Operates on a standard HPLC and does not require specialized equipment
- Long column life and excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
- Wide range of counterions and column configurations to optimize resolution
- Simple operating conditions: water or dilute acid, isocratic conditions, up to 30 % ACN as a modifier
- Available in 8 μm and 10 μm particle sizes in a range of choices for USP media types – L17, L19, L34 and L58
Columns separate via a ligand exchange mechanism. By varying the cation, various selectivities can be achieved. Elevated temperatures are required to prevent separation of anomers, which causes peak splitting.
 Bonded Phase  Temperature Range  Flow Rate (mL/min)  Eluent  USP Designation
 Hi-Plex Ca  80-90 ºC  0.6  Water  L19
 Hi-Plex Ca USP L19  80-90 ºC  0.3  Water  L19
 Hi-Plex Pb  70-90 ºC  0.6  Water  L34
 Hi-Plex H for carbohydrates  60-70 ºC  0.6  Water  L17
 Hi-Plex H for organic acids  40-60 ºC  0.6  Dilute Acid  L17
 Hi-Plex Ca (Duo)  80-90 ºC  0.6  Water   L19
 Hi-Plex K  80-90 ºC  0.6  Water  
 Hi-Plex Na (Octo)  80-90 ºC  0.6  Water, Sodium Hydroxide  L58
 Hi-Plex Na  80-90 ºC  0.3  Water  L58
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